Exploring the Deep State’s Battle Map in Ukraine

deepstatemap - Exploring the Deep State's Battle Map in Ukraine

Dive into an in-depth analysis of the Deep State’s strategies in Ukraine. Uncover the hidden narratives, power plays, and geopolitical implications in this intriguing expose.


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    In an era where information is a vital asset, DeepStateMap.Live has emerged as an influential player in the field of open-source intelligence. Created in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the map platform has evolved into a crucial source of information for understanding military operations on a global scale.

    Origins of DeepStateMap

    DeepStateMap.Live is a digital platform that presents an interactive, open-source intelligence map. It’s run by Deep State UA, a non-governmental and volunteer-led organization founded by Roman Pohorily and Ruslan Mykula in February 2020. The organization originally focused on global news and politics, sharing content relating to events like the COVID-19 pandemic, Syrian civil war, George Floyd protests, Second Nagorno-Karabakh War, and the 2021 Taliban offensive.

    The concept of “DeepState” is rooted in the unusual and non-governmental, where the most critical powerful events take place. The founders aimed to be unconventional in the information field, hence the choice of the name Deep State UA, which has proved to be quite successful.

    A Map in Action

    The map, launched on 24th February 2022, the day Russia started their invasion of Ukraine, provides near-daily updates on the frontline changes, military formations, and other major events of the war. Its development initially used Google Maps as the backdrop due to the simplicity in drawing lines and sharing with others. However, by the end of March, Google blocked Deep State UA’s use of their map for “violations of their rules of service” prompting the organization to adapt and evolve.

    As of October 2022, the map has been viewed more than 200 million times, making it the most popular digital map of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, especially in Ukraine where it was the 23rd most visited website in the country, receiving approximately three million views each day.

    A Resource for Truth

    DSM has played a crucial role in debunking misinformation that has emerged in the fog of war. The platform has made significant strides in clarifying and debunking false information, such as the supposed sinking of the Russian frigate Admiral Makarov and the alleged destruction of all of Ukraine’s Bayraktar TB2s.

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    Real-Time Battlefield Mapping in Ukraine and the Two Young Men at the Helm

    YouTube video

    Led by two talented twentysomethings in a small office in Kyiv, Deep State is a highly influential war map shaping the ongoing conflict. Discover its critical role as the war’s scorekeepers, witness real-time updates showcasing missile strikes and shifting front lines. Uncover the challenges faced and the unexpected enemy tactics. Experience the resilience of the Ukrainian military and the vital situational awareness provided by Deep State.

    Expanding the Map: The Mobile Application

    Recently, Deep State UA announced the creation of a mobile application for DeepStateMap.Live, available only for Android devices. This application contains regular, topographic, and satellite map layers, with the promise of future updates to fix slow operation due to the vector component contained in the satellite layer. The application’s data can be cached for offline viewing, provided it is downloaded beforehand at a location with network acces.

    Deep State claims that the application will not contain external advertising, but the developers warn users about the presence of fake program versions on the Google Play platform.

    Despite the usefulness of the application, it’s important to note that it’s not intended to be used for safe route planning. An iOS version of the application is not yet available due to Apple’s belief that the application discriminates against Russians.


    DSM exemplifies the power of open-source intelligence in today’s digital age, providing an unprecedented perspective into geopolitical events. As it continues to evolve and expand its reach with a mobile application, it’s expected to remain a significant player in the landscape of global news and intelligence. Its journey reflects thetransformative power of information technology and the importance of independent and reliable sources in understanding and navigating the complex global landscape.

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    While the platform’s success has not been without challenges, its continued growth and evolution reflect the unyielding determination of its founders and their commitment to providing open and accessible information to the public. As we look ahead, DeepStateMap.Live will likely continue to influence how we understand and interpret global events, demonstrating the evolving role and potential of open-source intelligence in the digital age.

    Indeed, in a world where the flow of information can change the course of events, DeepStateMap stands as a beacon of truth, highlighting the crucial role of open-source intelligence in understanding the world around us. This journey, while far from over, is a testament to the possibilities that lie at the intersection of technology, information, and determination.

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    1 month ago

    They also have a Telegram channel (in Ukrainian language) with 700K+ subscribers: https://t.me/DeepStateUA

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