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Touch Stay offers flexible yet powerful assistance to short-term rental owners who want to increase revenues and attract more guests. TS provides digital guidebooks for B&Bs, hotels, inns, and more. It creates an easy way to share information about the surrounding area attractions and businesses.

2017 - Ongoing
team size:
5 people
Python, Django, REST API, Vue.js, MySQL, AWS
Touch Stay
United Kingdom
Travel & Hospitality

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Various online marketing campaigns helped us bring in more customers, in particular, Touch Stay.

Back in 2017, at the end of summer, we received a new request through our website contact form. It said: “We’re interested in outsourcing of our web development. Our platform is built on the Django Python framework. You’ll find a good overview of our product here…”. We responded immediately, but it was not an easy start and we moved back and forth for some time. Then, we finally met in a pub on the Thames in London to shake hands on our project deal.

Challenge & Solution

Touchstay Echo

Touch Stay has entered a new level of development, prompting them to search for technical solutions to move forward. The development team at Echo (one of them, Albert, is in the picture above) spent some time learning about the specific problems the client needed to address. When working with a startup company, the exact solution is not always clear and can change every time a business pivot is made. Therefore, our developers started by building the application in easy-to-modify chunks – testing and rolling out new features as they became available.

Value Delivered by Echo

  • Gathering a team of skilled web developers within a short time frame.
  • Development of new features: instant and delayed messaging, PDF generation, multilingual support, etc.
  • Transitioning to a REST API in support of modern Front-End technologies.
  • Optimization of product functionality and security.
  • Application support and maintenance of the project documentation.

What is the cost of hiring a dev team to build similar software?

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Andy McNulty photo
Echo delivers what they say they’re going to deliver when they say they’ll deliver it, due, in part, to their consistent, responsive, and customer-centric approach. While some of their solutions require subsequent review by a third-party vendor, their deliverables are largely on point.
Andy McNulty
Andy McNulty

Co-Founder @ Touch Stay

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