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We all want our documents to be perfect, but in today’s world there simply isn’t enough time. Hundreds of legal associations and organizations around the world trust Litera to help get their documents right, so they can focus more time on the work that really matters to the people they serve.

2018 - 2019
team size:
C/C++, Office API, MFC, STL, Boost, C#, ASP .NET, Entity Framework
Litera Microsystems
United States
Legal Tech

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One time we arranged many face-to-face business meetings with potential clients in the United States, mostly in Chicago.

There are many different ways to get lists of Chicago startups and tech companies. One of them is by contacting an absolutely amazing business group, known as Built in Chicago. We were digging through job opportunities given to us from BIC and found that Litera Microsystems was looking for both in-house and remote developers. Luckily, one of the executives at Litera gave us 15 minutes for an in-person meeting where he shared more information about their hiring needs. After that, despite a really tight deadline, we did our best to provide qualified developers on time and under budget.

Challenge & Solution

Litera Echo

Litera needed additional software development manpower to maintain existing functionality and implement new enhancements to their LegalDoc products. They were looking for a small team of like-minded, talented developers eager to use a wide range of the latest technologies and tools. Echo software engineers successfully cooperated with the client’s on-site team on improving document management software.

Value Delivered by Echo

  • Setting up a team of Microsoft (C++/C#) developers within the shortest possible time.
  • Bug-fixing and maintenance of Litera’s Change-Pro legal document comparison software.
  • Creating C++ Classes to support Open Office XML XSD.
  • Developing a unique DOM import tool.
  • Optimization of the product’s functionality and security.

How much does it cost to build similar software and dev team?

The approx budget you need is 10K USD/month.

Nasser Amer photo
Due to a lack of engineers, Echo was hired to provide software development services. Their team completely rebuild our main product that compares documentation. We were surprised and pretty satisfied with the level of communication, feedback sessions and quality of service.
Nasser Amer
Nasser Amer

Chief Technology Officer @ Litera

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