Sports Gaming Tech Provider

Low6 excels in creating tailored sports gaming technologies for franchises, aiming to engage and monetize digital audiences. With a strong focus on fan-driven, innovative mobile gamification strategies, it seeks to revolutionize and shape the future of sports fan engagement.

2020 - Ongoing
team size:
3 people
C#, Node.js, JS, Redis, AWS, Azure
United Kingdom
iGaming / Sports

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In the midst of a global outbreak of coronavirus, we received the email stating:

“Hello. I’m looking for a partner to take on long term maintenance and development of our platform. We are going through the Request for Proposal (RFP) process to identify and select a tech partner who can deliver what we need…”

Needless to say that we were delighted to help and promptly initiated the process.

Challenge & Solution

Sports Gaming Tech Provider

The core Low6 platform has been developed by a number of parties, including an internal development team, that has brought the application to the current state where it is operational and providing customers with a game experience on their mobile phones.

Developers at Echo completely rebuilt back-end and API, which was a solid foundation to deliver various mobile and web apps afterward.

Value Delivered by Echo

  • Gathering a team of skilled web developers & DevOps within a short time frame.
  • Boosted scalability by decomposing a monolithic application into microservices.
  • Optimization of product(s) functionality, reliability and security.
  • Transition to Microsoft Azure cloud services.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance.

How much does it cost to build similar software and dev team?

The approx budget you need is 20K USD/month.

Chris Hector photo
Echo's development support has been successful, allowing us to scale operations and maintain system usage. They act as if they are members of our in-house team, ensuring a seamless and effective work process.
Chris Hector
Chris Hector

Chief Delivery Officer @ Low6

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