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Glasscubes offers easy-to-use, secure online spaces for work that can be set up quickly. It’s a choice for both large and small firms. GC web & mobile software helps teams work together better by allowing them to store and share information safely outside their company’s security systems.

2018 - Ongoing
team size:
iOS, Android, Objective-C, Kotlin, QA
United Kingdom
Software as a service (SaaS)

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In 2018, we embarked on enhancing our outreach strategies by hiring a UK consultant for our cold email campaigns. This move paid off when we caught the attention of a co-founder from Glasscubes, signaling the beginning of a promising collaboration.

They were looking to move away from unsatisfactory freelancing services towards a more reliable solution for their needs. Our discussions revealed their intention to completely revamp GC mobile apps and hire dedicated people for further developement and support.

Challenge & Solution

Secure Online Workspace

We focused on the development and implementation of mobile applications that enhance and complement Glasscubes main web version. Following this, we dedicated ourselves to consistent and ongoing app maintenance to ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction.

Value Delivered by Echo

  • Gathering a team of two skilled developers (iOS & Android) within a short time frame.
  • A few large releases have been built and tested.
  • Optimization of app functionality, reliability, and security.
  • A thousand bugs have been squashed.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance.

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We are highly satisfied with the mobile development services provided by the Echo team. Despite a minor issue with one of their devs in the past, we value our business partnership and look forward to continued success.
Wayne Pope
Wayne Pope

Technical Director

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