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A US technology company which operates the world’s largest platform in its sector, enhancing sales and operational efficiencies for clients in new construction and renovation. Its diverse customer base includes contractors, homebuilders, dealers, distributors, retailers, and manufacturers.

2021 - Ongoing
team size:
C#, .NET Core, Java, PostgreSQL, DevOps, Azure, Docker, Teraform
Fortune 500 Firm

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In mid-2021, our website indicated that an online meeting had been scheduled. The party on the other end was the VP of HR from a Fortune 500 company (we cannot disclose the actual name due to a strict non-disclosure agreement we signed). They were seeking software engineers to hire through an agency to alleviate some of their administrative burden. Their previous positive experiences with Ukrainian contractors had led them to us, and we were eager to supply additional IT talent.

However, the process could have been smoother. Our first promising candidate, who had accepted a job offer, ultimately declined it shortly before the start date due to personal issues. Despite this setback, we successfully found a replacement and continued to build a remote team for them.

Challenge & Solution

Building Industry Software

The initial requirement from our client involved hiring technical specialists to upgrade an estimating and drafting product used by design/build remodelers. This first stage was crucial in enhancing the functionality and efficiency of their existing tools. Following this, the client expressed a need for an expert in Azure Cloud Services. Their objective was to automate processes and improve their infrastructure, leveraging cloud computing capabilities. Lastly, the client recognized the importance of a human element in their tech ecosystem. To this end, they sought professionals skilled in Quality Assurance (QA) testing to ensure the reliability and user-friendliness of their systems.

Value Delivered by Echo

  • Gathering a team of skilled developers, DevOps, QAs within a short time frame.
  • A transition from Java to Microsoft technologies.
  • Optimization of Azure functionality, reliability, and security.
  • A thousand bugs have been squashed.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance.

How much does it cost to build similar software and dev team?

The approximate budget you need is 28K USD/month.

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We highly value our collaboration with the Echo team and believe they find working on our projects rewarding, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership for everyone involved.
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