How big is Ukraine compared to the US, UK and Texas

eu map ukraine - How big is Ukraine compared to the US, UK and Texas

Explore a detailed comparison between the size of Ukraine and the US. Uncover fascinating geographical insights in this engaging guide.


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    Ukraine, the second-largest country in Europe after Russia, has long been recognized for its vibrant history, lush landscapes, and diverse culture. Despite being prominently known in Europe, people from other parts of the globe often ask “How big is Ukraine?“. In this post, we aim to provide a clear picture by comparing Ukraine’s size with that of the United States, United Kingdom, and the state of Texas.

    Ukraine in Numbers

    First, let’s talk about Ukraine in raw numbers. This Eastern European nation covers an area of approximately 603,628 square kilometers (or about 233,062 square miles), including the territories temporarily occupied by the Russians. This size gives Ukraine a unique ecological diversity, housing multiple climate zones ranging from temperate to Mediterranean. Now, let’s move on to comparisons.

    Comparing Ukraine and the United States

    How big is Ukraine compared to the US, UK and Texas

    The United States, known for its vast landscapes stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, is one of the largest countries globally. Covering approximately 9.83 million square kilometers (or about 3.8 million square miles), the US is more than 16 times the size of Ukraine. Therefore, although Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Europe, it is significantly smaller compared to the massive geographical spread of the United States.

    Many US companies outsource various operations to Ukraine, particularly in the fields of information technology and software development, thanks to its robust pool of tech talent and relatively lower labor costs. Some of the well-known companies that have outsourced or opened development centers in Ukraine include Google, Microsoft, Uber, Boeing and many more.

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    Comparing Ukraine and the United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom, an island nation in northwestern Europe, consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. With a total area of approximately 242,495 square kilometers (or 93,628 square miles), the UK is significantly smaller than Ukraine. In other words, Ukraine is roughly 2.5 times the size of the UK. This comparison gives an idea of how vast Ukraine is within the European context.

    UK vs Ukraine. How different they are?

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    Comparing Ukraine and Texas

    How big is Ukraine compared to the US, UK and Texas

    Texas, the second-largest state in the United States, is renowned for its size. Spanning approximately 696,241 square kilometers (or 268,597 square miles), Texas is bigger than many nations in the world. But how does it compare to Ukraine? Well, they are almost comparable, with Texas being slightly larger by about 15 percent. This comparison showcases that Ukraine is approximately the size of one of the largest states in the US.


    In conclusion, Ukraine’s size is impressive, especially within the European context. While it is significantly smaller than the United States, it is larger than the United Kingdom and approximately equal to the size of Texas, showcasing the geographical diversity that our world holds. Through such comparisons, we can appreciate the varied scales of countries and states, further understanding the unique characteristics and vastness of our planet.

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    As with all countries, though, the true depth of Ukraine isn’t just about its physical size but lies in its rich history, culture, and the spirit of its people. So, while you now know how large Ukraine is geographically, there’s always more to explore when it comes to this intriguing nation!

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    1 year ago

    Size may matter in land area, but when it comes to the impact on history, culture, and geopolitics, Great Britain proves that greatness goes beyond mere measurements!

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