Sales Agent / Representative

Sales Agent / Representative
Categories: Sales
Type: Part-time
Location: Remote
Industry: Software Development

Role description

We’re looking for agents who reside in North America, the UK or Western/Northern Europe and can effectively promote our IT staffing and team augmentation services to tech-oriented mid-sized companies in their regions. You can help us connect these firms with exceptional remote software engineers from Eastern Europe, Baltic, Balkans and Turkey.

The ideal circumstance for us is to work with individuals who have already established relationships with companies that may need outsourced software development or IT staffing services. Examples include sales professionals who are currently representing:

  • Managed network services;
  • Fractional CTO, CFO, or CMO services;
  • Marketing or sales support for SaaS;
  • HR services/products;
  • Software services that are focused on one technology. (For example, you sell Salesforce services but are frequently asked for some other type of software development).

However, sales professionals with any background are welcome.

Reasons to refer us

  • No nurturing, no closing. You receive passive income from referrals that we close for you.
  • Trendy niche. As you probably know, skilled software engineers are always in demand, regardless of recessions or AI hype.
  • Stable company. We have been in business for the last 9 years and have numerous positive reviews.
  • Good guys. You can expect honesty, transparency and commitment.
  • Potential joint venture. Once we’ve achieved some first tangible results with you, we might discuss your involvement as a real business partner.

Our services are applicable to all verticals, so there’s a massive scope for you to earn excellent commissions by simply spotting and helping solve technological or staffing issues for companies in your network!

Trial Month

You don’t need to quit your current job or commit full-time right from the start. We offer a trial period that consists of two major activities:

  1. We ask you to attend at least one local event (such as a meetup, conference, etc.) with the aim of promoting Echo and establishing new connections. The cost of tickets and your time will be fully covered. This typically involves one working day or a few evenings.
  2. We will set up an advanced automated outreach campaign on LinkedIn with the goal of scheduling meetings for you. Both online and in-person are possible. However, we will require full access to your LinkedIn profile to proceed.

This scenario works well if you do not reside in major cities like London, Toronto, NYC, or San Francisco and are not actively using LinkedIn.


In January 2020, we initiated our referral program with Donatas X. from Lithuania, a professional with experience in sales and business development across multiple sectors. Through his introductions, we were able to secure a business relationship with one of the three contacts he introduced us to. This client subsequently hired a senior back-end developer from Echo (unfortuntely, no additional hires after that), who continues to contribute to their projects. In return, we compensated Donatas with a 5% fee on the total revenue of $138,492 generated from this client over a 24-month period. Thus, the total commission we paid to Donatas amounted to $6,925.

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