Best Event Ticketing Software and Applications

The global event software industry predicted to reach $10 billion by 2025.

This number reflects on a major trend shaping the event industry right now. Making registration and ticket experience effortless and bringing it to customers’ fingertips has been taking priority in recent years and is gaining even more traction today.

At the same time, simply having a digital booking solution is not enough. What really matters is a combination of features that makes registration experience smooth and frictionless. Let’s take a closer look at those exact features that are essential before jumping to the list of top event ticketing applications.

10 must-have features for an event ticketing application

  1. UI/UX. With people expecting to register and buy tickets for the event in a few clicks, it’s crucial that your event ticketing app is easy-to-use and intuitive. And that’s not all – your experience matters, too. You need to focus on growing your business, not learning to use complex software.
  2. Flexible and customizable. Your event ticketing app must have a look and feel that’s fully consistent with your branding guidelines. An option to customize your app is a powerful feature to look for.
  3. Costs. At the end of the month, it’s important to figure out which pricing model works best for your business. Some ticketing apps only require a lump sum payment, while others charge a fee on every ticket you sell.
  4. Integration with social channels. You’re spending so much time generating buzz around your event on social media that you definitely want your event ticketing app to integrate with the key social platforms.
  5. Customer service. There’s always a looming possibility that something might go wrong, in which case you need all the help you can get. Check out what support options your ticketing app provider offers in advance.
  6. Analytics and reporting. In this age of data science, an ability to collect business information is crucial. Use the app that does all the heavy lifting for you while you focus on marketing and sales.
  7. Multilingual and multi-currency options. Depending on the scope and audience of your event, you must offer your customers an easy way to buy your tickets and eliminate frustration.
  8. Quick payment. The best experience is the one that allows users to make payments in a few clicks without compromising the security of their personal and banking details.
  9. Customizable form builder. A drag-and-drop registration form builder will make your campaign setup easy and quick.
  10. Attendee check-in. No event can do without social proof in this age of social platforms. Aim at making it easy for your attendees to check in to your event and let their network of contacts know about it.
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Best Event Ticketing Applications

1. Eventbrite

eventbrite - Best Event Ticketing Software and Applications

CEO: Julia Hartz

Eventbrite is one of the most popular event ticketing apps on the market. In fact, it can act as a comprehensive event management platform. Some of the most prominent features include group registration, refund automation, self-check-in and more.

2. Ticketbud

ticketbud - Best Event Ticketing Software and Applications

CEO: Kayhan Ahmadi

Ticketbud is an integrated event management and ticketing app, offering a variety of robust features. These include promotion tools, audience segmentation, reporting, payment processing, offline sales, flexible payouts, white-label solution, etc.

3. Cvent

cvent - Best Event Ticketing Software and Applications

CEO: Rajeev K. Aggarwal

Cvent offers a highly customizable event management platform for venues, event businesses and hoteliers. Its feature list is very diverse: from branded websites and templates to automated waitlists and self-serve registration.

4. Eventbee

eventbee - Best Event Ticketing Software and Applications

CEO: Bala Musrif

Eventbee is an online ticketing platform with an extensive feature set, ranging from e-tickets with QR codes to private ticketing and more.

5. ShowClix

Showclix - Best Event Ticketing Software and Applications

CEO: Joshua Dziabiak

ShowClixis an event ticketing system that provides features like reserved seating, timed entry ticketing, ticket scanners, RFID technology and event operations.

6. Accelevents

acceleevents - Best Event Ticketing Software and Applications

CEO: Jonathan Kazarian

Accelevents is an event ticketing and mobile fundraising platform. It offers a range of event tools including event ticketing, silent auctions, raffles, donations and text to give. The platform also combines a mix of helpful marketing, design and engagement tools.

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8. ThunderTix

CEO: Dawn Green

ThunderTix is a great option for smaller teams. It focuses on automation and saving time. Its most prominent features include reserved seating, merchandise, mass mail, gift cards, coupons and more.

9. EventSquid

eventsquid - Best Event Ticketing Software and Applications

CEO: Michael Kranitz

EventSquid is a great tool to automate event registration, attendee communication, documentation and sales.

10. Billetto

biletto - Best Event Ticketing Software and Applications

CEO: Patrick Borre

With Billetto, you can promote fully branded event listings and sell tickets, merchandise and food vouchers. Donations and private ticketing are available too.

12. Tonic Ticketing

tonicticketing - Best Event Ticketing Software and Applications

CEO: Anna Kear

Tonic Ticketing is a feature-rich event ticketing platform. It supports different allocations of dates and times and offers a white-label solution and exposure tools. In addition, it can be customized to accommodate various sessions and time slots.

13. Bizzabo

bizzabo - Best Event Ticketing Software and Applications

CEO: Eran Ben-Shushan

Bizzabo is an all-in-one event ticketing platform for event businesses of all sizes. It offers a networking and event app, event website builder and marketing tools and registration and ticketing features.

14. BigTickets

Bigtickets - Best Event Ticketing Software and Applications

CEO: John Ashbaugh

BigTickets is a comprehensive and flexible event ticketing software with handy features for marketing, analytics and cash flow. The platform integrates with Mailchimp, Facebook, Google and Salesforce.

15. TicketSource

ticketsource - Best Event Ticketing Software and Applications

CEO: Claude Compere

With TicketSource, you can create an online box office for free to sell tickets 24/7. The platform integrates with Mailchimp and provides various digital marketing opportunities, like promoting early bird specials or discount codes.

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16. Showpass

showpass - Best Event Ticketing Software and Applications

CEO: Lucas McCarthy

As an online ticketing software, Showpass provides organizers with setup, box office, marketing and analytics to promote their events. This platform puts customer experience front and center, enabling fast check-ins and convenient check-outs.


universe - Best Event Ticketing Software and Applications

CEO: Craig Follett positions itself as the simplest event ticketing and management platform. The setup is easy and quick. You can create and customize your listing and start selling tickets right away. You can also add any media assets and checkout questions you need.

18. TicketSpice

ticketspice - Best Event Ticketing Software and Applications

CEO: Craig Follett

TicketSpice feature list includes page builder, mobile ticketing, recurring events and time slots, reserved seating, social media integration, analytics, ticket scanning and conditional logic. The platform charges $0.99 per ticket.

19. Aventri

aventri - Best Event Ticketing Software and Applications

CEO: Oni Chukwu

Aventri is a comprehensive event management platform with extensive marketing toolset. The best features include meetings management, attendee registration, mobile event apps, venue sourcing, survey solutions, email marketing and event website.

20. RegFox

regfox - Best Event Ticketing Software and Applications

CEO: Eric Knopf

RegFox is an online event registration software that focuses on flexibility and ease of setup. It has all standard features for an event ticketing app including page builder, conditional logic for workflows, real-time analytics, deposit payments and more.

Wrapping up

To create your own event ticketing app that would be fully tailored to your unique business needs, consider hiring a remote software development team. This is particularly true for startups with limited budgets and resources. Get in touch if you want our team of engineers to provide you with expert advice!

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3 years ago

Great article! Another one I’d like to include is Yapsody. Yapsody is a powerful, simple-to-use online event ticketing system that delivers cutting-edge ticketing services to thousands of event presenters across the globe each year, enabling them to sell tickets to concerts, conferences, sporting events, theater shows, fundraisers and more. Yapsody is available in 15 languages and supports currencies from over 150 countries. Our top features include: – a fully customizable online ticket store – easy set-up of reserved-seating and general admission events – ticket customization, discount options, and Access Codes – the ability to pass on event ticketing fees to… Read more »

2 years ago

Very nice article with a complete list of services.
I’d like to add OOOH.Events to the list: it’s free for the organizers and it has plenty of features. šŸ˜‰

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