Get a 2-Week No-Risk Trial

While 93% of our hiring stories have happy endings, sometimes, just like any great saga, there are chapters that catch us off guard 🙈.

Get a 2-Week No-Risk Trial

To minimize the chances of a bad hire, we’ve always stood behind a 3-month trial period and 1-day notice, allowing you the time to ensure our specialists are the right fit before fully committing. But now we’re going even further.

If you decide within the first 2 weeks* that someone isn’t working out for some reason, no hard feelings! We part ways at no cost to you.

Here’s what this new approach means:

  • Zero risk to assess our talent and see if they integrate well with your teams.
  • The 3-month trial still gives you plenty of evaluation time if needed.
  • We’re confident you’ll be impressed with our experts’ skills and experience.

Just take a look what our clients say:


We are excited about this leap forward. Are you?

Drop us a line and we would be happy to discuss a low-risk approach to building up your tech teams with Echo.

* This applies only to our core services: IT Staff Augmentation and Dedicated Dev Teams.