React Dev for Speech Language Pathology SaaS

React Dev for Speech Language Pathology SaaS

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Are you in the Speech Language Pathology industry and looking for a dependable and efficient SaaS platform? Look no further than our React Dev for Speech Language Pathology SaaS! Our team of skilled developers has created a customized program that streamlines the process of diagnosing and treating patients.

With our innovative software, you can easily manage patient data, log progress notes, and communicate with your team all within one centralized platform. Our state-of-the-art technology enhances your workflow, saving you time and increasing productivity. Plus, with our user-friendly interface, even those without tech experience can navigate the system seamlessly. Don't wait any longer, maximize your clinic's productivity with our React Dev for Speech Language Pathology SaaS.

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What is the cost of React Dev for Speech Language Pathology SaaS?

The cost of React Dev for Speech Language Pathology SaaS varies depending on the specific requirements and scope of the project.

Factors such as the complexity of the application, the number of features included, and the level of customization needed can all impact the final price. Generally, a basic React development project can range from $5,000 - $20,000 while more advanced projects can exceed $50,000. Additionally, ongoing maintenance, updates, and support may also add to the overall cost. It is recommended to consult with a development team to receive a personalized estimate based on the specific needs of the SaaS product.

Alternative Options

  • "AngularJS Developer for Speech Therapy Software as a Service"
  • "Vue.js Engineer for Language Pathology Web App Development"
  • "Python Programmer for Communication Disorder SaaS Solution"


React, Node.js, GraphQL, MongoDB, WebSocket, WebRTC, API, AWS

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The dashboard was exactly what we needed. Founder & CEO, Speechbytes.

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3 years ago

Thank you for taking the time to share your positive feedback, Founder & CEO of Speechbytes. It’s great to hear that the dashboard provided by Fluvius company has met your expectations and was able to fulfil your needs perfectly. Your kind words will definitely encourage us to keep working hard and providing even better services to our clients. We truly appreciate your support and are glad to have you as a satisfied customer of Echo directory.

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Add your Azure Speech key and region to the .env file, replacing the placeholder text. To run the Express server and React app together, run npm run dev. Change recognition language. To change the source recognition language, change the locale strings in App.js lines 32 and 66, which sets the recognition language property on the SpeechConfig ..

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[info] A Founder & CEO is an individual who begins a new business venture and is responsible for guiding the company's growth and overall direction. They often hold a significant amount of ownership in the company and make major decisions related to finances, marketing, and hiring.

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