Featured Sponsorship: A Bad Investment or a Smart Choice?

clutchco - Featured Sponsorship: A Bad Investment or a Smart Choice?

Explore the pros and cons of’s Featured Sponsorship. Get insights on whether it’s a wise investment for your business or an unnecessary expense. Make informed decisions!


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    What is

    ClutchCo is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that helps businesses make informed decisions when choosing service providers. What sets Clutch apart is its vast Google traffic, mostly from the US, that can provide valuable exposure for your business. Moreover, if you’re looking to generate new leads, they offer various sponsorship options that can fuel your business growth. Featured Sponsorship: A Bad Investment or a Smart Choice?

    Here at Echo, we also have a profile on Clutch and 10+ reviews.

    Featured listings

    Recently, Clutch started to offer featured listings, which allow companies to reach additional buyers by positioning themselves on numerous niche pages across the site where they are not currently listed. So, depending on the service, you will get a guaranteed position across dozens to hundreds of pages.

    Sounds interesting, right? So, we decided to give it a try at the end of January 2023.

    Choosing the right categories

    As our core service is IT Staff Augmentation, we started by exploring relevant opportunities in this category. Unfortunately, they only have one well-promoted page with a decent amount of traffic which is already packed with tons of sponsors – Other Clutch pages like Top Staff Augmentation Services in Canada, the United Arab Emirates or Australia have just a few monthly visitors. So choosing FL sponsorship there doesn’t seem like a good idea.

    Using Ahrefs and internal data from Clutch sales representatives, we analyzed almost all interesting categories and, finally, ended up with four options:

    • 1st Featured️ at HR Recruiting | $1,650/m
    • 2nd Featured at HR Staffing | $750/m
    • 4th Featured at Managed Service Providers | $1,000/m
    • 5th Featured at IT Services | $750/m
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    We successfully paid for this advertisement scheduled to run for the entire month (February 1st – February 28th), and started to observe the numbers on Google Analytics.

    A little trick with a logo

    Have you ever considered using SVG format for your company’s logo? It turns out that this format can be animated and not many people know about it. Recently, we came across this exciting discovery while browsing our competitors on Clutch. Right after that, we quickly re-uploaded our logo with a new animated version to attract more attention to the profile.

    However, if too many companies start using animated SVG logos, Clutch may have to fix it to prevent their platform from becoming too flashy.

    Traffic and leads

    Our campaign resulted in significant exposure and attracted over 2000 visitors to the Echo website. However, half of the traffic was generated by our competitors from various regions such as India, Pakistan, Poland, Africa, and Latin America. Featured Sponsorship: A Bad Investment or a Smart Choice?

    We were tracking two major goals on our website and got 45 conversions in total:

    At first glance, it seems like quite impressive numbers. But in reality, the vast majority of them were not relevant.

    We held only five meetings with more or less relevant prospects and only one of them converted into a real deal. This was a company from Israel looking for cybersecurity experts in Europe. So, here we were acting as tech recruiters. However, considering their specific requirements, it is still unclear whether we can find them the right candidates.

    Key takeaways

    B2B sales can be a challenging and time-consuming process, with various factors influencing the outcome, such promotional texts and landing page design, as well as global recession. While we had hoped for better results, getting even a single client means it can be considered a successful campaign. Furthermore, we remain optimistic that some of the people we spoke to may become clients in the future with proper follow-ups.

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    Unfortunately, our campaigns targeting HR Staffing and MSP categories did not yield any results. HR Recruiting and IT Services performed better but still below expectations.

    In conclusion, we have decided to continue investing in featured listings but have reduced our budget. We have also started new experiments on Clutch, but that’s a story for another day. 🙂

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Is ClutchCo a trustworthy review site? is a reputable B2B ratings and reviews platform for technology and professional service providers. They collect client feedback through phone interviews and online surveys and verify reviewer identities. While considered trustworthy, it's still essential to cross-reference with other sources, seek recommendations, and conduct independent research before choosing a service provider.
    How much does the Featured Sponsorship cost?
    The cost of a Featured Sponsorship varies based on your desired category and position. For accurate pricing information, please contact the Clutch Co sales team.

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    6 months ago

    It does not look like a good return on investment.

    Kyle Atkins
    Kyle Atkins
    3 months ago

    I’d like to know what you mean by niche pages. I know niche can help you with search optimization so I’m curious whether this also helps here. I’m always leery of paid advertising but I like how you shared your experience.

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